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Combine relaxation with rejuvenation by exfoliating & infusing your skin with the vitamins, peptides & hydration it is starving for! This facial includes a double cleanse & chemical exfoliation followed by a tension-reliving massage on the neck, décolleté & face to stimulate circulation.  A custom masque based on your skin's needs, followed by infusion with active serums, hydration and protection. This facial is finished with a brightening eye cream & Lip Treatment.



While you relax to soothing music, the scents of aromatherapy and warm towels, we build a custom facial protocol after thorough skin analysis. We will be bringing out the "big guns" during this facial such as our AHA's, Vitamin A, B & E, Peptides, etc., to combat the two most prominent signs of aging, fine lines & hyperpigmentation. Perfect for clients with aging skin, fine lines or hyperpigmentation.



If you are unfamiliar, Dermaplaning is a pain free procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.”  Your skin will never look better or feel smoother after experiencing this duo. Combined with the facial protocol of your choice, Signature, Anti-Aging or Sensitive Skin.



Look & feel your very best with our chemical peel treatments! Offering various peels at different levels to help you achieve your desired results immediately or over time. Chemical peel treatments are designed with age-defying peptides, antioxidants, proteins, and minerals, designed to improve the texture and appearance of skin. It induces a normal shedding process, designed to reveal beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Type of chemical peels

  • Lift Peel

  • Ormedic Peel (For everyone including pregnant woman)

  • Signature Peel

  • Acne Peel

  • Lightening Peel

  • Lira Peel



Hydro Facial is a deep cleansing technology using AHA's & BHA to deliver a deep exfoliation & pore cleansing. Infusion of oxygen, peptides & vitamins deep into the skin to  re-hydrate your skin leaves you with a stunning & youthful glow.

Youth Elixir Treatment


This advanced treatment protocol is taking years off faces everywhere!  This noninvasive protocol uses a combination of technology & the most researched acids, enzymes, peptides & peels to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots!  While there is no downtime some slight swelling can occur but it will subside by the next day.   Our protocol is standard but will be slightly customized to target areas of concern.



Acne & problematic skin is different from person to person. Whether it's the severity, the cause, or the area in question, every person's acne will be looked at individually. The base for this facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, calming & soothing masque. Custom products will be selected based on skin needs, and a home regime will be suggested.



Are you struggling with skin sensitivity?   Clients with an impaired skin barrier, rosacea, redness, and dryness will feel rejuvenated with the calming, cooling & rebalancing elements used throughout this treatment. After a gentle exfoliation using Pumpkin & Papaya Enzymes, we will introduce a stress-reducing massage on the shoulders, decollate & face to promote circulation & healing. Followed by deep absorption of vitamins & Peptides to rebalance, reduce redness & brighten your skin.  



Our Deep Micro Exfoliation is a non-invasive pain-free treatment that delivers remarkable results for clients looking into anti-aging treatments. The results on fine lines & wrinkles, expression lines, pitted skin, scaring, and pigmentation is outstanding; the before & afters are incredible & available at request.  Better yet, this service is safe for most skin types & skin tones.  Available as a one-time treatment or series of 6 for the most dramatic results.



60 Minute Advanced Facial Treatment with 15 Minute LED (light-emitting diode) treatment. 
Light therapy is a highly researched & proven treatment that shows significant results for anti-aging, Pigmentation & acne treatments.  The lights enter the skin's layers to promote cellular growth and repair and gives you a healthy, youthful glow. 
Service includes deep cleansing & exfoliation to aid in the penetration of the Light Therapy to achieve maximum results.  



Using the Technology developed by David Suzuki himself & the only FDA approved device on the market, Microcurrent has been used since the 70's to aid in Anti-aging treatments. Benefits include educating the muscles in the face to give immediate & long lasting toning & sculpting benefits. Re-energizes the mitochondria by up to 500% by creating more ATP through the stimulation of collagen, elastin, improving blood flow, refining pores, texture & color leading to more youthful skin.

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