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End of Summer is the Most Important Time for Facial Detox

It has been a long hot & humid summer! As Labor day comes, we are reminded of all

our fun in the sun, chlorine-filled pools, camping & beach trips! ​​With the unprecedented heat & humidity this year, you likely experienced sweat, dirt, and oil accumulating on your skin. Sweat mixing with make-up, environmental impurities, humidity, and UV rays all impact your skin's appearance & texture, making it appear dull, dry & uneven. You may have even experienced clogged pores, dry skin, chapped lips, extra freckles & hyperpigmentation. While they are all signs you had fun this summer, it is also a sign you need to detox & cleanse your skin.

What does this mean?

Come into Gloss for a Summer Reset Facial for $95

Start with a first cleanse to Break apart all your oils & impurities using an Oil Based Vitamin C Cleanser.
Follow up with a PH Balanced cleanser to truly wash & cleanse the skin now that the dirt & oil has been washed away.

Under a slow stream of steam, we will Exfoliate you with a pumpkin & papaya-based exfoliator to start breaking apart the bond of the dead skin cells.

If necessary/requested, we will apply a special desincrustation fluid to open all your pores to aid in the extraction process.
Using our BT Micro Device, we will clear your skin & decongest your problem areas,
After removal with a hot towel, you will enjoy a 15-minute massage to promote circulation, healing, and lymphatic drainage to decrease inflammation.

A custom masque will be selected

based on your needs & requirements to cool, calm and rebalance the skin.

Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum will be penetrated deep into your skin using our BT Micro to brighten the skin & reduce any hyperpigmentation.
An overnight creme or SPF moisturizer will be added, depending on the time of day.
A lip & eye treatment will be applied.

While we recommend most of our clients come in on a 4-6 week basis, we understand this does not work for everyone. The end of summer, especially a summer like 2022, is the time of year when benefits are unparalleled.

In our opinion, this time of year is one of the most important. Book your Skin Service online now.

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still team
May 27, 2023

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